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    You're most likely here because you're feeling the pain of contemporary business or organizational life. Or, maybe you're looking for how to take yourself and your organization to the "Next Level." Our consulting practice is simple and straight forward - it is based upon 3 operation principles:

    Principle 1.

    Most people have untapped and unrealized potential. With the right coaching, information, and supportthey can quickly energize that potential and become more powerful, effective, and successful.

    Principle 2.

    We continue to grow our expertise by staying at the leading edge of human performance and behavioral research. This provides YOU with a competitive advantage.

    Principle 3.

    We tailor EVERYTHING that we do to the special and situational needs of our clients and their uniqueness. Our approaches, designs, practices and strategies are built to deal with your specific problems and concerns.

  • About Larry Liberty, PhD

    Larry has over 30 years of education and experience in working with top corporations and organizational leaders around the world in providing expertisE IN:
    1. Accelerating individual performance and success
    2. Coaching top leaders and managers to "raise the bar"
    3. Facilitating the creation and maintenance of High Performance work teams
    4. Creating High performance organizational cultures that produce results

    Larry is the first person in his family to have the privilege of a college education. He left University California Davis and went to Brazil as a Peace Corps volunteer for 15 months working with extreme poverty and illiteracy in small towns and in Rio de Janeiro.

    He completed a Master's Degree and later a Ph.D. in pursuit of understanding how indivdiuals and organizations can best work together to produce great results. He then worked as project manager for NASA-space station reseaching how to create "high performance teams in space."

    Since 1985 he has been the driving force behind the Liberty Consulting Team, working with Fortune 500 companies, government and non-profit agencies around the globe. He has taught in international MBA programs in Switzerland, Austria, and Germany while honing his ability to understand and work with cross-cultural participants from every corner of the globe.

    Larry has personally trained, facilitated, consulted with and coached more than 100,000 managers and staff and is the personal and executive coach to many top leaders in the world. His passion for excelling and his ability to bring humor and perspective to each distinctive setting are hallmarks of his approach which includes and supports everyone involved.

  • The Maturity Factor

    The emotional and psychological maturity of a leader is more predictive of their ultimate success and effectiveness than their education, experience, training, or expertise. The Maturity Factor provides a model for self-assessment and appraising maturity of those you work with. If provides a meaningful new framework for improving relationships, causing meaningful change, and dealing with a world filled with chaos and complexity.

    A Closer Look

    "The Maturity Factor" represents the best contemporary thinking and insight about how to grow ourselves to become the best leaders that we can be, enabling our organization's and employee's success.

    David H., Troux Technologies CEO   


    On the Horizon. . .

    • Leadership Challenges and Attribute for the next Generation is the working title of the newest book currently being written by Larry. Built around interviews with top corporate CEOs it is the best thinking about the most important business topic of our time.

    Work in Action

  • Services Proudly Offered

    Analyzing past, current and future conditions and providing expert assessments for future..... MORE

    Typically done in a "team building" or "conflict resolution" setting, we remove barriers to success... MORE

    Your skill set, thinking, management style, and awareness can all be further refined with training.... MORE

    Coaching has become a buzzword in organizations today. We do not use the term as a sound bite..... MORE

    Programs & Workshops
    We have three basic principles when designing custom workshops and programs for our clients..... MORE

    Keynote Speaking
    Larry is a highly experienced and gifted speaker. His rare sense of humor combined with his..... MORE

    Your Future By Design

    I want to know your goals... I want to know what you truly envision for yourself, but think isn't attainable.

    I want to help... to partner with you... to empower you... to give you the tools to achieve. I want to celebrate with you not IF but WHEN you succeed.

    Did You Know?

    Programs and services are specifically developed and custom tailored to suit the needs of you and your organization. To read about some of our fantastic programs please CLICK HERE

  • Are you ready?

    In golf, it's a hole in one! In life, it's love, health and happiness! In business, it's doing the impossible and then doing it again!I want to know your goals... I want to know what you truly envision for yourself, but think isn't attainable.

    If your organization is ready for the extraordinary, or needs to achieve the impossible... Liberty Consulting is prepared to usher you and your oganization to the edge, and then teach you to fly!


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    What they're saying!

    "Dr. Liberty has no equals. His ability to generate cohesion among team members is truly extraordinary. His results are exceptional, and there in no one else I have worked with who can create highly functional teams with the speed and skill that he has."

    E.H. Kropp | University of Virginia

    "His teaching style is engaging and full of humor leaving participants wanting more."

    Stephen B. | United Airlines

    "Larry has a unique combination of down-to-earth advice, delivered in an honest and personable manner, combined with a sophisticated knowledge of leadership and complex organizations."

    Leonard M. | E.P.A.


  • More About Our Services

    Analyzing past, current and future conditions and providing expert assessments and recommendations for future courses of action. When in a "consulting" partnership, clients are expected to make their own final determinations about which actions to take after thoughtful consideration of our recommendations. A variety of assessment tools and approaches are utilized to formulate these specific recommendations.

    Typically done in a "team building" or "conflict resolution" setting, our job is to remove barriers to success and effectiveness. We accomplish this through direct observations, short training modules on key issues, and/or through individual feedback to participants. We have developed a very distinctive approach to accelerating the pace and effectiveness of any group interaction.

    Coaching has become a buzzword in organizations today. We do not use the term lightly, or as a sound bite. A coaching relationship is purely focused on results. Coaching always combines direct, unfiltered feedback to the client, with either thoughtful questions to encourage new thinking, or suggested actions. Organizations spend millions of dollars on promoting and training managers to become executives. Often their prior success was their only criteria on which their future success was assumed. Receiving direct, honest constructive feedback is a gift to executives who often find themselves alienated from data that can ensure their success.

    Keynote speaking
    Larry is a highly experienced and gifted speaker. His rare sense of humor combined with his expertise make him a powerful yet compassionate conference speaker. His ability to bring clarity to complex ideas and make them interesting is a hallmark of his style. He has spoken before groups as large as 5,000 participants, has ben heard on radio, and has been a college commencement speaker at an MBA graduation.

    Programs | Workshops | training
    We have a commitment to three basic principles when designing workshops, programs, and training modules.
    1. Utilize the current best thinking, practices, and research and make them as easily understood and usable as possible.
    2. Stay at the leading edge of human performance and behavioral research.
    3. Tailor EVERYTHING to the special needs of our clients.
    We are continually creating and generating the next delivery vehicles to provide clients with access to the most powerful ideas available. This is a competitive advantage. Below you you will find plenty of information about programs, workshops, and training seminars previously conducted. If you have a special need that doesn't seem to be addressed please contact us.

    - - Acknowledgement & Recognition
    A real expression of appreciation is the most powerful tool for creating lasting loyalty. Wristwatches and plaques are no longer sufficient forms of recognition for our staff. In fact, stock options and bonuses are also insufficient to create the kind of energy, enthusiasm and excitement that we need from our employees. This workshop trains participants how to authentically acknowledge people.

    - - Advanced Communication Skills
    The purpose of this interactive workshop is to develop, and master the principles of listening and speaking. This is achieved through the utilization of advanced techniques and approaches for listening and speaking in a public setting.

    - - Advanced Listening Workshop
    This workshop focuses on the mastery of listening and using our attention. Not commonly know, your attention span is a limited resource that begins to be consumed from the moment we wake, and reset by key fundamentals. Learning how to effect the utilization of your attention span is directly connected to vitality, a sense of well being, and better listening function. Participants will master the principles of managing their resources of attention especially while insituations that require high levels of listening, precision, and accuracy.

    - - Advanced principles of creating a high performance organization culture
    High Performance Organizational Cultures don't occur by accident. They are created, developed, nurtured, and require work! This training teaches the advanced techniques and aproaches for working with and creating a High Performance Organizational Culture including the creation of "change agents", assessing leadership and management compotency, and identifying key actions to upgrading culture.

    - - Architecture of success
    This workshop focuses upon the essential elements to achieve continuing success. Its core is dissolving barriers and creating breakthrough results. We will identify the essential steps and processes required for succeeding. Participants will learn to create their own success architecture "designed vs. accidental." Excellence and success will be redefined to support the participants' blueprints for their futures. Participants will also be coached to work beyond their current known limits.

    - - basics of teaming
    The purpose of this workshop is for participants to better understand the key principles of creating a High Performance Team. The four major components and practices of creating and maintaining a High Performance Team will be discussed in full detail.

    - - blending & balancing
    The challenge for each of us is to find a way to balance the complex demands of our lives, our families, our health, and our professions. This workshop looks at the most current concepts and practices of doing just that.

    - - communications for high performance teams
    This workshop focuses on identifying and mastering key communication elements that empower and support the success of a High Performance Team. Content includes the delineation and practice of the four elements of communications that are essential to create, maintain, and empower a High Performance Team.

    - - creating a high performance organization culture
    Is you organization ready to kick it into hyperdrive? In this workshop participants will learn, understand, and master the key principles of creating a robust organizational culture. Content includes the definition of the history and key elements of organizational culture. This also includes self-assessment of each participants' culture, strengths and weaknesses, and actions to take to improve their culture.

    - - discovery listening
    This workshop integrates powerful insights into human behavior with proven technologies. The power of real communication is often unseen. The power potential, if released, can alter our work-lives. Discovery Liestening showa how internal dialogues block the flow of energy and power. This workshop is designed to be experientially based to optimize both learning and application of concepts.

    - - dynamic thinking
    Thinking is not the same as having thoughts. We have an average of more than 50,000 discreet thoughts each day. This does not mean that we are thinking. Learning to think, for one, means discovering what patterns of unconsciousness you have. Virtually every thought is related to solving a problem, either real or imagined. Learning how to define and focus powerfully on real problems generates THINKING!

    - - empowering & coaching
    Many great concepts and ideas filter through organizations only to lose their power and effectiveness. Two current models are those empowering others, and "the mananger as coach." In this workshop we unravel the confusion and mischief around these ideas and let participants discover the true power and potency of both coaching and empowering others. This workshop also builds the basic skills needed to effectively translate and transfer this information to other managers and staff at the home organization.

    - - leadership & followship
    Leadership is "the ability to bring out the best in oneself and in others." This highly advanced skill can be taught! Great leaders are distinguished by their abilities to manage their egos, follow when necessary, keep focused on the outcomes, and turn everything to their advantage. Leaders have a rigorous commitment to learning and naturally create inspiration and excitement.

    - - Self management basics
    The only person you can manage and control is YOURSELF. This workshop reveals the most effective model available for learning to manage your own reactions to the world. Participants will discover how to maximize their personal results, optimize their influence on others, mitigate conflict with positive results, and much much more!

    - - the customer/supplier relationship
    With our recent worldwide focus on quality, we must continue to understand and focus on our "customers." Sometimes they are external customers, and sometimes they are internal. Learning to define and map these relationships leads to immediate dramatic increases in our results and outcomes.

    - - the maturity factor
    The ability to upgrade your maturity is the key to learning and growth. The long-term effectiveness of leadership and of organizations completely depends on the maturity of the leaders. An organizations' ability to compete, grow, and maintain their market leadership is almost certainly a function of the emotional and psychological maturity of its leadership. This workshop teaches the advanced techniques and approaches for assessing, upgrading, and improving each participant's overall skill to manage and lead.